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Maafushi House Reef

Let's make a difference

Renee's Coral Garden

& more

Renee's Coral Garden

It is easy to get involved.Simply sponsor a frame and well make and transplant for it for you. If you are here in Maafushi you can join with us for the coral planting, by diving or snorkeling. We will upload pictures of the progress of the corals about every 3-4 months. 


coral planting.jpg
Save Maldives Turtles

Maldives turtle ID

Maldives turtles are endangered species. Help us to contribute to the national database of sea turtles here in Maldives.

Save Maldives Turtles
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save turtles
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We need you, we need people that want to make a difference with us. Join us together with Maafushi Environment Club, to fight against marine debris, and join us for the coral project. Please contact us for more details.

What we do

  • Reef cleanup

  • Beach cleanup

  • Coral Planting

Get Invloved
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