South Male Atoll is 36 km long and 19 km wide. There are 30 islands of which there are 3 local islands. The capital of the atoll is MAAFUSHI. Ecodiveclub is here to give the best dive experience possible.

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Channel dive

Channel dive is the diving spots on the corners of outer reefs of the atolls. These are the places where when the tides changes, the water flows in and out of the atoll. Those are the best places to do drift dives and where you can see large pelagic fish. Some of our favorite spots are Guraidhoo Corner, Cocoa corner, and Lhosfushi Corner.

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Reef dive

Reef dive locations are dive spots located on back reefs of outer reefs of Atolls where currents from channels get neutralized. Recommended for beginners and less experienced divers. The reefs have a gentle slope with beautiful live corals of vast colors and a variety of fish life.



A Thila is a reef which is underwater. The top reef of a Thila is normally between 10 to 20 meters below sea level. The Thila is usually the diving spot with the strongest currents but also the most diverse sea life. Around Maafushi we have the well known 5 star dive spot Kandooma Thila, and also Dihgu Thila



Giri is like a small mountain in the sea. The top reef starts around 3-5 meters below sea level and go slowly down to 30 meters. The Giri's are found inside the atolls. We do dives at the well known and beautiful wreck at Kuda Giri. Kuda Giri hosts a beautiful wreck sunk for divers to enjoy.

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