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Explore the underwater world with us

...the ECO-way.

ECO Dive Club

Maafushi is surronded by some of the most spectacular dive sites on the planet, including the Kandooma Thila, the Guraidhoo corner and many more. 

At ECO Dive Club our mission is to give you the best diving experience with care for your personal safety and for the environment that surrounds us.

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We provide  SSI diving courses

Trust us to give the best courses possible

We take responsibility

As a member of the Green Fins international, we are obliged to protecting the coral reefs through sustainable marine tourism.

It’s proven that by reducing the local pressures tourism puts on coral reefs, we can help make corals healthier and more resilient to other stresses such as the effects of climate change.

ECO Dive Club Maafushi also takes it a step further, by the development of a coral garden in the lagoon of the Maafushi island, where we plant corals on frames to help expanding the reefs.

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